There are so many memories I have that are just coming to me right now as I type this about my unique grandfather Tata. As a young child I have an image of Tata at the beach with a "sombrero" hat that my father gave him. Also, I remember Tata teasing me and for him I guess that was a way of him showing his love and care toward me. The fondest memory I have of Tata is when I always used to visit him whether it be at Cape Cod or in Arlington and I used to wake him up. Most of the time, I used to startle him when I woke him up by shaking his leg or taping him on the shoulder. One of my favorite things to do with Tata was playing poker. We'd play with pennies and I always "cleaned house" against him. Again Tata found a way of teasing me while playing poker when he told me I hadn't put up when he was the one that hadn't. While vacationing down in Onset Tata helped my family plant tomatoes and then when they finally ripened we'd all share them amongst ourselves.

      Tata and I both loved sports! As a young 8 year old starting out in little league and most recently Babe Ruth League Tata always was there at the games to encourage me and he always will be there with me whether in sports or in regular life. Also Tata and I would watch the Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots and any other sports game together. When the a sporting event was on I would dial up Tata and say "The Celtics are starting on Sports Channel at Seven" to remind him. Sometimes I would call Tata up and just ask him how he was and he would ask how was school.

      Tata had great memories or stories to share with me. One time instead of playing poker Tata told war stories to me and explained how he lived in Italy.

      The legacy of Tata on earth, a loving, caring, and gleeful man came to an end on January 27, 1998 but in my mind his legacy will never end!


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