Dear Tata,

      I heard a quote once. The quote was "Life is like a party, you get there after it has begun, and you leave before it has ended." Tata, you left too soon.

      There are so many things we should have done together. One thing, which since our conversation in early October I have truly wanted to do, is to someday go to Italy and more importantly San Donato with you. To see the place where you grew up would mean a great deal to me. I will hopefully someday get to see that part of the world. Although it will not be quite the same without you, I will bring your story along for some commentary. This is one thing which I am most grateful to you for. This book is a written account of the great man that you were. A couple of words to describe these "memoirs" are fascinating and incredible. I do know that when that day comes and actually every day you will be right there by my side helping me and showing me things with your spirit and your legacy.

      There are so many things you should still be a part of. Watching us all grow up and seeing us become successful in all areas, gave you the greatest happiness. I always knew that you were proud of me. The future is unwritten for me. However, I can assure you that if I have even a part of your wisdom and strength, I will become a very successful person by following in your foot steps. You once told me a story of when you were in the army. A soldier came to you and needed a tremendous favor. He had been away from his family for a long time and wanted to get back to his family. Tata, you then did everything in your power to allow that man to get back to his family. You were a man who would help people and give as much as possible to those in need. If I fulfill my goals and work in the field of medicine, I will also be following your lead. One part of what I want to do in my life is find treatments and cures for diseases which people are afflicted with. I think you would be especially proud of this.

      I can never thank you enough for everything that you have given me. One of the most important things that I thank you for is my mother because in her I will forever see your image. I see your wisdom in her decisions and your power and strength in her words and actions.

      I will always remember the way that you looked at nature from a brilliant sun to a thunder and lightning storm. You always appreciated it for it's meaning beyond the obvious. Too many people today take these things for granted. You realized that everything has a purpose. The blossoming flower was as gratifying to you as winning the lottery was to another person. No one else ever took so much time to appreciate the little things in life. The cape house will never be complete without those Mallows in front of the house. I will try to continue this "tradition" for you and in your memory. The cape house will never be quite the same without your presence, However, my family and I, as hard as it will be, will try to have more good times at this house and enjoy it the way that you wanted. Don't worry I'll try and turn off the air conditioner when Lewis is not looking. The gleam in your eye when I scratched your back always puzzled me. Now I know and I guess I really did always know that you did enjoy the little things.

      Tata, someday those bums will win the World Series. Maybe, it will happen sooner because you are rooting for them from heaven. No matter what kind of trouble Mo gets in he will still be my favorite.

      Whenever I saw you, you always wanted to know how my parents were doing and if I was helping them out. You have my personal guarantee that as long as I am around my parents will be in good hands, hands that were shaped by your values and standards. They are now the most important people on this earth.

      I know that you value my education. When I opened the acceptance letter from the honors program at U-mass Amherst I could only think of calling you. I could hear your voice and feel your happiness. I know that you will never leave my side.

      The party has ended for your body but the real party has just begun for you in heaven. You will continue to live on in our hearts and minds forever.

           Unending love forever,

           Your good buddy Jeff

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