Tata was a very special grandfather. I loved him very much. He Would always call me his Little Princess. He said that it was my nickname. When he called me that it made me feel very special.

      The two things I remember the most about Tata are that he loved to sleep and he loved to tease people.

      Knowing that he loved to sleep, Brianna and Jared would scream "wake up, wake up." They did this as a joke. They loved waking Tata up. Although Tata loved to sleep, I think he liked being woken up by the two of them even more.

      Tata used to tease me and my brothers. We knew that he was kidding with us. We also knew that the reason he teased us was because he loved us. Teasing us always brought an unforgettable smile to Tata's face. I'll never forget his wonderful smile.

      The best memories I have of Tata are when we were at the Cape. We spent some summers with him and Nana. This is where we got to do things together.

      Many years ago when I was very young I remember when Tata would come to the beach with us. He wasn't much of a beach person, but once he got there he had a great time.

      When Jeff and I were younger, Tata would take us fishing on the dummy bridge. I loved fishing with Tata because he never made me bait the hook. He loved to fish and he also liked having Jeff and I go fishing with him.

      Just two or three years ago he went for a ride on my mothers bike. He was so happy when he was riding the bike. I had fun riding with him. He rode with me, Jeff, Melissa, Andrew, and Uncle Bob. We had so much fun.

      Tata loved to play cards. One of his favorite games was Scopa. I used to play it with him at night before I went to bed. He also liked to play Poker. At night we would play Poker in a big group. He would rub our heads and say that it was for good luck.

      A few years ago Tata began a tomato garden for Andrew in their yard. Last year he asked me to help him plant the tomatoes. I am glad he taught me how to plant them so now I can continue his garden.

      When we were in Arlington I didn't get to see Tata much because I was busy with school work and sports. He always wanted me to do well in school. As well as doing well in school, he wanted us to be successful. Although Tata won't be here to see me graduate and become a successful person I know he will always be watching me. I also know that I will never forget him and I will always love him.


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