Being your oldest Grandchild meant that I knew you the longest and for four years had you to myself. I wish I could remember those years.

      The first thing I do remember, is walking down to Uncle Dan's at the Cape.

      I remember the stories you used to tell about San Donato and the War.

      I remember how you taught me to play Scopa, and all the times we played Scopa on the porch at the Cape.

      Tata I will never use an air conditioner again without thinking about you.

      I think the best thing you gave me was an interest in writing. You helped proofread my Star Trek Novel*, so I'm giving you an autographed copy of it.

      Tata, don't forget, if God has a beard, you give him a hard time about it too.

           Tata, I'll miss you

           Lewis III

* - While in High School I wrote a Star Trek: The Next Generation Novel. It is of course, not published, but it is available on my Web Page.

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