These last few days have been filled with memories of Tata. It is interesting, that each of us has a special experience that we cherish. No matter how different the experience, the essence of Tata is present in all of them.

      We remember him as a kind gentle man who loved simple pleasures. If he had a cheese sandwich, a cup of coffee, and a good book, he was happy. He loved nature, from a simple flower to a raging storm. He saw God's handiwork in it all.

      Tata was very intelligent, and prized knowledge and education. He impressed the importance of education on his children and grandchildren.

      His family, both his birth family, and the family he and Nana had together was the most important thing in his life.

      Tata's intelligence, talents, and love of family are for us his greatest legacy.

      I wish we could have kept Tata with us longer. We are not ready to let him go. However, he isn't really leaving us yet. He will live on with the accomplishments of his children and grandchildren. Tata will always be a part of us. His life will continue as long as he is remembered. Tata will be remembered for a very very long time.

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