I called him Tata,
  though I know not the reason
Seeing him happy,
  was truly quite pleasing

A great sense of humor,
  no doubt, he possessed
He could make people smile
  better than all the rest

His goofy straw hat,
  he loved to wear to the beach
And was often quite content,
  if the TV controller was in reach

When playing poker,
  he would kid around and try to bluff
When his 25 pennies were gone,
  one could be certain he had had enough!

A nice nap was always a pleasure,
  except when my brother attempted to wake him...
  by tickling his nose with a feather!

I remember one day, he lost his teeth
  the whole family was searching high and low
Come to find out, the whole time,
  they were right under his feet!

He loved his mustache,
  and although it did not get Nana's approval
He was quite stubborn,
  and refused its removal

In the war for three years,
  fighting boldly for his country
He sometimes shared these war stories
  with my brother and me

When it came to planting tomatoes,
  he possessed a great skill
But eating those tomatoes
  was even more of a thrill

Always wearing a grin,
  always a twinkle in his eye
I will always keep a piece of him with me.
  And if you do the same, there is no need to cry.

We need to remember all the good times
  and keep our past with him clear
As long as we keep the memories,
  he will always be near.

by: Melissa Leone

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